Test Preparation Program

IELTS Preparation

The IELTS Preparation program is suitable for students who are new to IELTS. It has the advantage of being able to improve one's English conversation skills through power speaking course while studying the different skills needed for the IELTS exam.

Admission Schedule Academic Period Admission Condition
Starts every Monday 4-12 weeks All levels available

IELTS Intensive

Unlike other Academies, the IELTS Intensive program is all organized into 1:1 classes, enabling intensive IELTS test preparation and overall improvement of English skills. This program is suitable for students who have previously studied and/or taken IELTS and want to improve their previous scores.

Admission Schedule Academic Period Admission Condition
Starts every Monday 4-24 weeks All levels available; choose between
General or Academic Module

IELTS Guarantee

The IELTS Guarantee course involves setting a target score for the official test (IELTS) with intensive exam preparation for 12 weeks and finally taking the official test to obtain the score. Guaranteed students are provided with a free 1 time official test (IELTS) and additional classes for free if they do not meet the target scores to support them.

Admission Schedule Academic Period
Starts at designated start date of each month 12 weeks (Take the official exams 10 weeks after the start of the class, One-time test fee support)
Admission Condition Guaranteed Condition
IELTS 5.5 Guarantee / More than IELTS 4.5 or Intermediate
IELTS 6.0 Guarantee / More than IELTS 5.5
IELTS 6.5 Guarantee /More than IELTS 6.0
100% attendance, Monthly Progress Test and Official Test are mandatory
Must have zero warning for any violation of CELLA rules
Test Location Remark
Parklane Hotel
The test location may be changed due to local circumstances
Test modules (General and Academic) are designated at registration,
and modules cannot be changed in between study period.

TOEIC Preparation

The TOEIC test, which has become a requirement rather than an option, is designed to evaluate non-native English speakers' practical English skills needed for international work and etc.
TOEIC Preparation is for students who have not yet experienced TOEIC and consists of a course that combines basic ESL and TOEIC courses so that trainees can have the basic skills needed to study TOEIC without burden.

4 hours of 1:1 Classes 4 hours of Group Classes
TOEIC Writing TOEIC Speaking
TOEIC Reading TOEIC Listening
Listening & Speaking ESL Group Class
Conversation Skills ESL Group Class

TOEIC General

The most essential language test score for many students is the TOEIC score.
TOEIC General is a course for students who are aiming for high TOEIC scores in earnest. The course consists of eight hours a day, each TOEIC part has a solid 4 hours 1:1 classes, 2 hours group classes, and 2 hours mock test classes to develop a sense of practice, students who want high scores can learn systematically.

4 hours of 1:1 Class 4 hours of Group Class
TOEIC Writing TOEIC Speaking
TOEIC Speaking TOEIC Listening
TOEIC Listening (Part 1~4) Mock Test
TOEIC Reading( Part 5~7) Checking