1st Premium Campus

The CELLA premium campus, which boasts of having the best facilities in the Philippines, is a residential facility with integrated classrooms and dormitories recently built in 2014. It also has 24-hour security and CCTV.

All rooms feature a luxurious shower room, a medium-sized refrigerator, TV and sofa, plus a fitness gym and sauna for all students.

Business establishments such as Starbucks, restaurants, supermarkets and leisure centers are easily accessible within 5 minutes on foot which makes it very convenient to buy daily necessities. Cebu's landmarks, SM, AYALA and IT PARK can be reached in 10 to 15 minutes by car.


Premium Campus

Classroom Corridor

1:1 Class Room

Small-group Class Room

Group Class Room


Dining Room

Kids Room

Quad Room

Single & Twin Room

Sofa Set

Main dorm. Kitchen

Main dorm. Bathroom

B Dormitory

B Dormitory

B Dorm. Kitchen

B Dorm. Bathroom

Fitness Gym

Ground-floor Cafe

[Surroundings] Water Park

[Surroundings] Starbucks Coffee

[Surroundings] Fast food Restaurant Jollibee