Special Program

TESOL Teacher's License Certificate

The TESOL course is an English education program that researches and develops effective methods of teaching English to students who do not speak English as their first language, and is an English-specialized teacher training course that entitles non-native English speakers to teach English.
The video program of Concordia Internatinal College offers the advantage of being able to study the same courses as those offered in Canada such as educational know-how, curriculum and textbooks at a lower cost in CELLA. The students who complete the course can apply for the suburban practice.

Admission Schedule Academic Period
Starts at designated start date of each month 4 weeks + Intership (can be added)
Admission Condition Completion Condition
Intermediate or TOEIC 700 or higher / Phone interview Attendance at least 98% + class participation and
weekly training (peer teaching) evaluation

ACE Airline Cabin-crew English

CELLA's ACE program, which introduced the first Airline Cabin-crew English course in the Philippines, is a job preparation program focused on 'Interview English' for a domestic and foreign airline.
In order to maximize confidence in English, it consists of an in-depth conversation course centered on listening and speaking, and an essential area (Interview, Essay writing, Group discussion, Panel interview) of study during a flight attendant interview. The program has been conducted for 13 years since its opening, and it has a lot of questions and expected questions frequently asked during the airline's first to fourth interviews, which are linked to employment.

Admission Schedule Academic Period Admission Condition
Starts at designated start date of each month 4weeks, 8weeks, 12weeks Pre-Intermediate or TOEIC 600 or higher

Business and Professional English

This program is an English course where one can learn the major expressions and skills of each business situation so that basic tasks such as phone calls, e-mails, and meetings in the company can be naturally spoken in English. It is a program that can contribute to the improvement of practical skills in each field by practicing professional English presentation skills with native English teachers.

Admission Schedule Academic Period Admission Condition Internship Condition
Starts every Monday 4 weeks All levels available Pre-intermediate or higher